Coming Natural Beekeeping Courses:

The next courses will be conducted over the weekend of 1st and 2nd of September 2018.

The Perm-Apiculture Beekeeping Group is offering an "Introduction to Natural Beekeeping" courses. The training is designed for beginners to provide participants with the information they need to start natural beekeeping with confidence.  It is specifically aiming at small scale backyard beekeeping and covers topics specific to this type of bee husbandry.  No prior beekeeping knowledge or experience is required.

The topics covered:

- safety aspects of beekeeping.  Beekeeping does not have to be painful if you know what you are doing and you know what not to do.  You also need to know how to arrange your protective dress and equipment and how to handle an occasional sting, should it happen.

- biology of the bee.  To successfully keep bees you must understand them.  You must know their life cycle and their needs in terms of accommodation (hive) and sustenance (nectar, pollen, water).

- swarming - why and how it goes, how to handle a swarm.

- styles of hives, their advantages and disadvantages for a backyard beekeeper.  It should not come as a surprise that what you may need for one or two hives is different to what an apiary with 500 hives requires.  Hives covered:  classical (Langstroth), Warre, horizontal top bar hive (TBH, Kenyan), horizontal framed hive, Flow Hive.

- beekeeping equipment - what you will definitely need, what you may possibly need, what makes good gear and what gear you will regret buying.

- manipulations and practices you will have to carry out through a year.  What to do and when and also, perhaps much more importantly, what NOT to do.

- conversion of a box full of bees, wax and honey into jars of a beautiful golden liquid.  In other words - harvest - on cheap and easy.  also wax processing.

- bee diseases and enemies - detecting, dealing with, legal requirements,

- legal status of a backyard beekeeper in Victoria, your rights and obligations.

Natural Beekeeping regards the well being of the bees as more important than the honey yield. It is simple, low cost, low effort and in tune with nature - perfectly suited for small scale backyard beekeeping. Happy Bees and Happy Beekeepers.

The course will take place over two days, with both Theory and Practical sessions. Hands-on sessions will give exposure to real hives (without bees, safety first), equipment and tools and offer demonstrations of typical hive manipulations and some honey tasting.  An opportunity to assist a beekeeper at a real hive, at later time, may be offered subject to availability.

If the date of the next course does not suit you, contact us nevertheless.  We will run more courses later. 

The venues are at a location with excellent public transport access.

To enroll, email us on

Times: 10AM - 4:30 PM inc tea breaks (provided) and a lunch break (byo lunch to share).

Cost: $250 non PcV members, $200 PcV members, payable upfront.

Location: Mitcham, next to the railway station (we will advise the actual address on confirmation of payment.)

After the Course
  • For participants who do not currently have a hive, the course organizers may be able to provide bees for your hive at no cost during swarming season. Those participants who may be interested in this option will need to advise the course tutor on the day.
  • You will also be welcome to attend our monthly meetings if you have joined PcV.
 This course is limited to 15 attendees to offer a quality training environment so early enrollment is recommended. If you wish to attend, please send an email to for registration and payment details.

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