This page is dedicated to Natural Beekeeping Resources - however there are some links to mainstream organizations where a 'Natural' equivalent is not yet available.


Permaculture Melbourne
Our 'parent' group.

Natural beekeeping

Beginners guide to natural beekeeping
A 'natural' alternative view to the conventional/commercial beekeeping methods, using Warre hives rather than the usual Langstroth.

Introducing the Warre hive
Most introductory beekeeping courses present the standard Langstroth hive and most suppliers only supply that type. This is understandable given its predominance in Australia (and elsewhere). But there are alternatives, especially for the hobbyist.
'Natural beekeepers' propose that these alternatives are more bee-friendly and support more vibrant colonies which are more resiliant and disease/pest resistant. The Warre hive is a popular alternative and many people are now trying them out.

Malfroy's gold
Tim's natural beekeeping outfit in NSW, using Warre hives and natural methods.

A Permaculture farm and training organization.

Books and articles

Beekeeping for all
Abbe Warre's book online - translated by Patricia and David Heaf. The book that inspired a new movement in beekeeping.

The bee-friendly beekeeper - a sustainable approach
David Heaf is a proponent of the Warre hive and natural approaches to bee-keeping. This is his recent book. He also has a website at: Warre Beekeeping.

The barefoot beekeeper - a simple sustainable approach to small-scale beekeeping
Philip Chandler is a proponent of the Kenyan/horizontal top bar hive and bee-friendly beekeeping.

Natural beekeeping and the Christ hive
Johann Thur's book online - extract translated by David Heaf.

Government/Industry bodies/Legislation

Apiary Code of Practice - Victoria

Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 - SECT 123 - (Victoria)

DEPI's Honey Bee website - Victoria

There are no general suppliers at this time specializing in Natural Beekeeping. In Melbourne, the following companies are well established, serving the general beekeeping community.

Bob's Beekeeping Supplies
Source of apiarist supplies located in Eltham, Vic.

Bec's Beehive
Beekeeping Supplies in the Dandenong Ranges, Vic.

Redpath Beekeeping Supplies
Source of apiarist supplies in Melbourne area, located in Parkdale, Vic.

Social beekeeping enterprises

The following organizations promote urban/sub-urban beekeeping, bee health and awareness of bee-related issues.

Urban Beekeeping Co.

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

Amazing Bees

Beekeeping associations

Urban Bee Guild

Native bees