8 Apr 2014

Are we into winter already?

So far this season was not great as far as honey is concerned, perhaps with the exception of those keeping hives in Bayswater (wink, wink).  I was hoping for late, autumn flowering eucalyptus to improve things, but as yet there are no signs of any nectar coming.  All information I am receiving shows hives slowly dropping weight - bees live off the honey collected earlier.  When walking my dog, I can see gum trees with flower buds growing in size but it is hard to tell when will they open and how much will they yield. There is still hope, but diminishing.

Under these circumstances it is time to consider closing the hive for winter.  If you have Langs or Warre, see whether the top box is ready for harvest and, equally importantly,  whether there will still be sufficient honey left for winter.  Our winters are mild affairs but still - no nectar will come from outside so what is left inside must suffice.  Or else..


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