14 Mar 2012

Out and about at the SLF

Between Friday and Sunday, late in February (2012), the Perm-Api group presented ourselves at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne. Permaculture Melbourne kindly allowed us some space on their stand in the 'Green Market'.

Many passers-by were drawn to our bee covered demo hive - not live bees, just paper cutouts :-). There were lots of stories told and questions asked about beekeeping and we presented Natural Beekeeping methods and equipment, using the empty hive for demonstrating some points. That hive is a Langstroth with a Warre roof, BTW. There is certainly a lot of interest in keeping bees these days. We handed out around 300 flyers (1 + 2)

Many thanks to all of the group members who volunteered to help over the three days and to Andrew for providing a bee covered hive and some of his gorgeous local raw honey for tasting.

Claire and Warwick (Woz)

Tony & flyer
We were located close to the guys at VEG, who'd built their own Warre hive. As I was passing in my 'bee-suit', they asked if I'd pose for a picture . . .

Dan of VEG, Tony and the Warre
Perm-api is out and about in March - check out Permaculture Melbourne stands at your local sustainability fair for our flyers. Also check out our Events page for other appearances. We will soon have our own banners and will be showing demonstration Warre and Kenyan hives.

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