26 Mar 2012

Founder/Manager of the Garden, Mariƫtte Tuohey, organised a festival to celebrate the completion of their magnificent wood fired over, officiated by the college principal, Kerrie Croft and Federal MP Anna Burke.

The Perm-api group manages the hives at the garden, which we also use as a demonstration/training site. There is currently an operational Langstroth hive and the intention is to install a Kenyan and a Warre hive for Spring 2012.

At the festival, we displayed the brand new Kenyan hive (built by Tony) and installed it in the apiary at the end of the day. There was a great deal of interest in beekeeping and in the hive (which looks very unusual) and the feedback was very positive on its simplicity and aesthetics.

The Pavilion with woodfired oven (back left)

Perm-api's corner and the Kenyan hive

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