23 Jan 2012

Langstroth dimensions

I'm working on weighing my Lang on a regular basis. Had a few problems with my weigh scale build - need to use more rigid wood . . .

In the meantime, I weighed (with a suitcase digital scale - about AUD 16 from eBay) various hive components in order to be able to calculate how much of a live hive was wood and how much was bee related materials. I thought I'd share these in case they were useful elsewhere.

Please note the scales are supposed to be fairly accurate, but there would be more accurate methods of measurement. In other words, this is not a rigorously accurate exercise! You will see there is 0.54 kg difference between the sum of the components and the total hive weighed as one item. :-)

Note also this is the standard 8 frame Australian Langstroth hive as sold in Victoria through major retailers. I believe the material is Hoop Pine and 22-23mm thick board.

  • Base/Bottom - 3.16 kg
  • Lid/roof - 2.82 kg
  • Full depth box - 3.90 kg
  • Full depth box with bare frames -  5.68 kg
  • 'Ideal' depth box - 2.52 kg
  • 'Ideal' depth box with bare frames -  3.92 kg
  • Top bar mat (3mm vinyl sheet) - 0.10 kg

Full hive:
  • Base + lid + 1 box + empty frames + top bar mat = 12.3 kg (weighed as one item).

Alternative extras - Warre Roof:
  • Lid - 6.3 kg
  • Quilt - 1.92 kg

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