20 Dec 2011

making halva

Well - I am currently undertaking my first attempt at making halva - and while stirring the
slowly heating honey on the stove, I started to hear a gradual increase in the sound of the
hum of bees - I hadn't thought that they would have taken any notice or interest in my baking attempt - but I was WRONG. The sound is actually getting louder and more frantic - in order to prevent the bees from coming inside (which they are currently trying to do) and taking back their honey, I had to fully close the backdoor, because as I type, there are currently about 10 bees at the back door trying to come in to repossess their honey - I will post again letting you know how the halva turns out!!


AJ said...

Hi Sarah,

How did it go? Did you like the product? If so, would you care to share the recipe?


sarah said...

Hi Andrew - although the end result did not look like halva - what I ended up with was a delicious nutty caramel that everyone loved - very similar to the chewy sesame bars you get at the supermarket and health food shops - I'm thinking I went wrong as I did not have a confectioners thermometer - I will definitely be making it again - i;ll try and find the link to the recipe

sarah said...

Hi Andrew - the recipe I used was this one = http://homemade-recipes.blogspot.com.au/2010/01/sesame-or-tahini-halva-recipe-how-to.html

i didn't use flavourings, but added [eanet and used a 1:1 honey:tahini mix