23 Nov 2011

Buyer beware - not all purchased honey is the real deal . . .

This story from the UK's Mail Online highlights the differences between some of the highly processed honey (often sold on our supermarket shelves) and the real, raw stuff in its original form.

I know I stopped to think when a dietitian said to me "Give your son real honey." and I asked "But isn't all honey the same?". I quickly learned that it is not all the same and that's partly what brought me to keeping my own bees and only buying honey from trusted sources.

I guess we should not be surprised - one does not have to look too hard to see how so much of our food is being increasingly manipulated and 'manufactured'. See http://usc-canada.org/storyoffood/ and http://www.theendoffood.com and http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2623507200/tt1286537, for example.

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