24 Nov 2011

Bee keeping for the energy descent future by David Holmgren

Su learning the art of reading a frame of comb and bees at Melliodora 2007 from urban bee keeper Andy Carter.

One of the reasons I was subliminally primed and ready to accept bees in my life (and garden) was a comment made by David Holmgren as I attended one of his home garden tours.

He was talking about the hives that Su Dennett kept at Melliodora. He said that it was probably the highest energy output for the given input (or something like that - I'm sure he was more eloquent!). But it stuck with me.

In my humble opinion, natural forms of beekeeping best fit David's description because many conventional/commercial approaches to honey production are highly energy intensive from a full life cycle/systems perspective. Whereas home based beekeeping, done appropriately can have significantly greater net returns for less environmental impact.

Now I never imagined me keeping bees myself - just seemed like one of things that other people do. But then it just clicked as a natural part of my attempts at our family learning to become more self sufficient. It's a skill worth investing in. Once I started, I was bitten by the bee bug - so to speak!

David's full article is here.

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